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Nov 10, 2019

In The Wild: Georgia Cassidy

Georgia is compelling. Creative consultant by day, she can be found traveling upstate or breaking a sweat at East River Pilates in her downtime. Go in the wild with Georgia at McCarren Park and her Studio Bag Small Gunmetal Hardware.

+ What's something about you most people don't know?
I was born on a couch ... true story !

+ 3 things that in your Caraa bag that sum you up:
Book, headphones, chapstick ... dark chocolate

What are you currently watching?
Abstract! Netflix docu series! Do it!

What activist cause are you fully behind right now?

Women's health. I'm a huge advocate for Planned Parenthood, but I'd like to focus more on independent clinics. Women's Health Specialists of California is a great one, but there are so many! 

+ Where are you at noon on a Sunday?
Recently, Fort Tilden if I'm in town. Otherwise, East River Pilates or making brunch at home.

+ Favorite weekend getaway?
North Fork, Springs, NY, and anywhere upstate! Shelter Island is also magical.

+ Best coffee shop in NYC?
Coffee Peddler in Soho

+ Where's your go-to smoothie?

+ Best healthy eating hack?

Find out what works for you. I have a really hard time with bars – so I try to stick to whole foods  (berries, instead of a berry kind bar).

+ What do you eat when you want to indulge?

+ What's your favorite exercise right now?
Pilates. I love focusing more on form and I truly feel stronger afterwards.

+ What's your best advice on wellness and health?

Everyone's body and needs are different. Do what is right for you, not the person next to you. Also ... I'm an anti-extremist. Everything in moderation!


Studio Bag Small Gunmetal Hardware

Georgia Cassidy
Instagram: @georgia_cassidy
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