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Dec 25, 2019

Inside the Studio: Q+A With Creative Director Carmen Chen Wu

Every Caraa piece is designed with you in mind, from the covetable aesthetic to the smartly designed compartments down to the finishes and signature hardware, every detail is thoughtfully placed to help you carry on with your day without your style having to break a sweat, enabling you to live your ultimate #caraalife. We sat down with Caraa Creative Director Carmen Chen Wu inside the studio to delve into her inspiration, design process, and get a sneak peek at the details of Dance Collection.

 + What inspires you to create a new design?
“I don’t like to design a handbag for the sake of making something new. That’s the beauty of Caraa: a season-less brand that follows nothing but real women’s wants and needs. So what are we in the mood for?”


+ Handbags are our world here at Caraa and you are the visionary! What does a woman’s relationship with her handbag mean to you?
Historically speaking, a good handbag signified class and virtue. Those truths remain today yet have evolved into something much more special: a handbag is a woman’s weapon and all-time companion. It is her secret keeper, organizer, and, of course, statement piece.


+ What makes the Caraa aesthetic and inspiration so unique?
Caraa was created to make handbags for the modern woman who is constantly balancing her career, health, and social life. We don’t think of our bags as handbags nor as gym bags: we think that they are right in between. Caraa’s most important rule is to make pieces that are functional, but they are also sprinkled with fun. Whether you are traveling across continents or sprinting from a meeting to a quick yoga class/cocktail hour/anywhere in between, Caraa will be there to accompany you on your journey.  



+ The Dance Collection features the same signature Caraa hardware and materials as the Studio bags, but has a vibe all its own! How did you dream up the line?
The Dance bags were dreamed up by imagining my perfect Friday evening on-the go: an 8pm yoga class on St. Marks followed by drinks with friends. After class I change into my staple going out look: a black tank and sparkly tights and put my yoga clothes right into the Dance Bag. I compliment my look with red lipstick, which I keep in one of the front pockets, and then I jump on a Citi Bike to meet my friends who are out dancing in the West Village.

+ The devil is in the details. What sets the Dance Bag apart from the rest?
Each Dance bag was designed to be a chic companion that wants in on the fun. Shaped like a gumdrop and pleated like the classic The Studio Bag to create a seamless exterior, its shape is malleable and has clear character to it. 


Dance Bags
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