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Apr 23, 2021

Only Love

Introducing the limited-edition Only Love Tees. 


As two Asian American business owners, we believe it is our responsibility to do our part to combat the increasing hate against Asian American Pacific Islander communities. We are proud to spread the message that unity must prevail and to donate 100% of proceeds from our limited-edition Only Love Tees to Stop AAPI Hate. You can find more about them at


We designed our Only Love Tee with intention. The two hands are in a Buddhist Mudra position meaning compassion, symbolizing our community banding together to fight injustice and racism.


We encourage you to join us in solidarity in any way you can, whether it’s ordering an Only Love Tee, donating, educating yourself, supporting a local business, or checking on your AAPI friends, family, relatives, and neighbors.


Take an exclusive look behind the scenes of our photoshoot below and shop our Only Love Tees HERE.

Only Love Tee
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